Saturday, January 23, 2016

Organize your Remote Controls at Home

Keep all remote controls in one place

remote control pig pile

Never scramble for the remote again. (Photo Credits)

When there is more than one person sharing a TV Set, “losing” or misplacing remote controls can be inevitable. And since in a home, remote controls are usually more than one sometimes even three or four – for the cable, the TV itself, the home theatre system and more. Electrical Association  

The practical solution is basically to put it in a common area known by everyone who uses the same TV.

Home Storage Solutions 101 shared ideas on how to organize remote controls at home. Electrician  “One of the biggest hassles, when it comes to remote control organization, is just keeping track of ALL those remotes. It seems like just about everything these days comes with a remote, and to watch TV sometimes I feel like I need several different ones, this one to turn up and down the volume, this one to turn the channel, this one to turn the whole thing on and off, and on and on.”

Read the whole article here.

Get organized

You Tube Channel RVing Living the dream also shared some ideas in organizing remote controls in a tiny space. “How to Organize your remote controls…NO more where’s the remote?”

Watch the video here.

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Hit Play Gadgets meantime shared another type of Remote Control Organizer. “Curved, step shape design allows specific remotes to be viewed or accessed from any direction and prevents them being lost! Portable and can be placed anywhere. The Remote Control Organizer holds up to 4 remotes and one small cellphone.”

Check out the photo here.

How do you organize your remote controls at home?

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