Friday, January 29, 2016

Non-Electric Washing Machines

Washing Machines that do not need electricity


You do not need electricity to get your clothes clean. (Photo Credits)

It is the modern times, but inventions that are non-electric are still aplenty.

Take the washing machine that does not need power to operate, which was featured over at True Activist. Electrician

“This new washing machine from Yirego is powered by a foot pedal and doesn’t need any electricity.This could be just what our off grid friends have been waiting for. It will be made out of 40% recycled material, making this no-electric cloths washer a sustainable solution with very little impact on the environment.”

Check out the video here.

Say goodbye to hand wash, even without electricity

Woman Freebies featured the same non-electric washer saying that it can handle six to seven clothes at a time, which is perfect for people living off the grid. Electrical Association 

“The Drumi from Yirego is a compact portable washing machine that can clean around six or seven garments without the need for a power outlet, a generator, or even a sunny day to feed a solar panel. The design challenges the public laundry experience while also solving the common complications of hand-washing delicate garments. The Drumi creates a sustainable solution with low environmental impact, saving you time, energy, and money. It is not only more hygienic than public laundromats, but also a takes fraction of the time.”

Check out the rest of the article here.

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Australian website Techly.Com meantime featured a non-electric washing machine that is powered by – you.

“The idea seems to be that you would buy the Bike Washing Machine instead of any other washing machine. That way, you have to hop on the bike every time you need to do the laundry, creating some sense of a regular exercise schedule – it seems like the Bike Washing Machine is geared towards the more exercise averse among us. Because pedalling on the stationary bike generates the power for the laundry cycle, theoretically you would save money on your household electricity bills and contribute to the planet by using truly renewable energy right from your own legs. “

Check it out here.

Will you consider a non-electric washer for your home?

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