Sunday, January 17, 2016

Security Cameras and the Images they capture

Security Camera Moments

Security Camera

More than just a surveillance video. (Photo Credits) 

Security cameras record more than just materials and scenes related to the area these closed-circuit television cams are trying to secure. They record unguarded moments.

Faith Tap featured these acts of kindness recorded by surveillance cameras. Electrician

“We are exposed to bad news every day, that sometimes it seems as if nothing good ever happens. Unaware that their actions are being recorded, these random events are recorded from around the globe. It depicts humans being happy, goofy, friendly, helpful and sometimes even heroic. Yes, good things still do happen every day!”

Watch the video here.

Records the unthinkable too

The Website A-Plus meantime shared a video of what could be a ghost inside the happiest place on earth. Electrical Association

“Although grainy, there does seem to be something with a human gait walking around the park appearing on each video screen. Trick of the light? Or could this video be a hoax created by the park themselves? After all, it does look like the footage was taken near Disney’s famous attraction ‘The Haunted Mansion.’ Seems a bit too appropriate.”

See it for yourself here.

Related Electrical Repair Services meantime shared a security camera video of a woman gassing up at a pump station. “You know what I’m talking about… when you pull up to the pump only to realize that the gas cap is on the other side. So check this out… if you look at the gas pump symbol on your fuel gauge, there is an arrow indicating on which side you’ll find your gas cap. Now that’s an awesomely handy trick! Unfortunately, not everyone got the memo. The poor lady in this video just seems to be having one of those days. I feel bad but I have to admit I laughed. Perhaps her next stop should be at a coffee shop?”

Watch the video here.

Do you have a security camera at home?

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