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How to Save on Air Conditioning Consumption

Save on Air Conditioning Consumption

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Save on your home A/C Consumption. (Photo Credits)

Air Conditioning Consumption becomes one of the highest utility expenses during hot summer months.

But the bills can get lower. Electrical Association 

Planet Save shared some tips on how to lower air conditioning expenses.

“Keeping your home or office cool during the hot months of the year can go a long way toward having happier and healthier occupants. But it can also be a huge expense, both to your pocketbook and to the environment, due to the eco-footprint of the energy required for air conditioning, as well as the actual cost of that energy. Both of those costs can be effectively reduced through making some changes in your air conditioning habits to conserve energy while still staying cool.”

Check out the tips here.

Routine Maintenance is a Must

Weichert says maintenance is key in keeping those bills down. Electrician 

“Change your filter regularly: If you notice a difference in your air conditioning from one year to the next, it’s more than likely due to airflow. Filters should be changed every 30 to 90 days, therefore if you haven’t done so recently, the first step to take is to change the filter. You should also make sure nothing is blocking your cold air returns and registers.”

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Another great tip is to turn it off when you can still stand the heat.

British website the Daily Mail shared tips on how to stay cool even when the A/C is turned off.

“Before heading to bed, pop your pillow case in the freezer. You heard right… a cool pillow will help you reduce your body temperature and make you more comfortable.  Place your pillow case in the freezer before getting into bed. This will keep your head nice and cool and reduce your body temperature so you’re more comfortable.”

Check out more tips here.

How do you save on air conditioning expenses?


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