Thursday, April 14, 2016

All about Vampire Electronics

Save on electricity costs by unplugging

Electric usage

Vampire electronic can increase utility bills significantly over time. (Photo Credits)

There are many ways to save on electricity. One of the most popular ways is to ensure that vampire electronics are unplugged when not in use. Electrical Association 

Vampire Electronics are appliances that are usually plugged in households even when not in use. It includes power chargers, LCD TVs o stand by modes, as well as VCRs and the like.

USA Today suggests that all vampire electronics be slayed before it hikes up a household’s electric bills.

“Once you’ve identified your biggest vampires, it’s time to put a stake to them. You have a few options, ranging from cheap and inconvenient, to convenient and expensive. You’ll need to decide which one works for you. You might even mix and match.”

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Slay the Vamps

Live Science also presented yet another option to keep vampire electronics in check. Electrician 

Another option is to plug energy vampires, such as game consoles, into smart power strips, which employ timers and sensors that turn devices off completely until their next use. Electronics retailers sell them, and some local utilities offer free smart power strips as part of home energy audits. Others provide discounts, or even rebates on utility bills, to customers who buy and use them (check with your local utility).”

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Fox News also published a post encouraging homeowners to be extra conscious to the impact of vampire electronics on their utility bills. To be specific they aso offered a long-term solution to the problem of vampire electronics increasing a household’s utility bills.

This is a longer-term strategy, but it might be time to upgrade your electronics. Newer computers, for example, have much more energy-efficient power supplies. A newer fridge might use less electricity. LED lightbulbs, over time, will definitely save you money. You’ll spend more money up front, but for items you keep for five, 10 or 20 years, the savings work out”

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How do you keep your electric consumption down?

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