Saturday, September 5, 2015

The Many Creative Uses of Wires

Wire Art

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Wires are not just for Electricity. Photo Credits

When one says the word “wire,” electricity immediately comes up to mind. But for some creative people, it could mean art.
This fashion designer featured over at the website used about seven miles of wire to put together a grand wedding dress.

“But Fantasy is set to have a much more lasting impact, with her use of 995,000 beads – including 500,000 glass pearls and 400,000 crystals – held together by seven miles of wire, almost certain to land her in the Guinness Book of World Records…Work on the dress hasn’t even finished yet, despite 22 seamstresses working on its over a 20,000-hour period in the last three years.” Build Safe

Check out the photos and the rest of the story here.

Wiring Gems meantime published a tutorial on how to wire gemstones. “The wire you use can be inexpensive brass, copper, craft wire, or you can get sterling silver or gold (gold filled). The wire used in the tutorial was 22 gauge sterling silver square and 14k gold filled half round (finishing wire). It is always good to use the inexpensive wire when you first begin as you may make a mistake and once it has been bent, it is difficult to straighten it out again. When choosing your stone, for this particular pendant, it is good to use something thin, smooth and rounded at least at one end.”

Electrical Contractors Check out the step-by-step procedures complete with photos here.

Related Electrical Repair Services meantime featured amazing works of art made from wires. “It seems strange, but cold, thin wires are one of the best materials when an artist wants to represent the human form. These elegant and fluid wire sculptures by Richard Stainthorp, an artist based in Richmond in the U.K., seem like dancers or woodland spirits captured in mid-stride. Wires are perfect for imitating the muscles and curves that we associate with the human body. As excellent as Stainthorp is with this sculptural medium, he isn’t the only artist who’s discovered its many uses – we have an entire list of wire sculpture experts.”

Check out the photos here.

So what comes into your mind when you hear the word “wire”?

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