Monday, September 14, 2015

Safe Use of Electrical Sockets

How to Keep Your Family Safe from the Dangers of wrong electrical socket usage.


Safe use of Electrical Sockets. (Photo Credits)

Individuals in both their homes and offices should be extra careful about electric sockets, and having them installed in their homes.

For instance, British website in fact has issued a warning on USB Socket outlets saying that though these may be useful, there is some degree of risk in using such. Electrical Association     

“Some types of 13A socket-outlets, extension leads and adaptors are starting to be made available with built-in USB power supplies – to aid the charging of the ever increasing number of consumer electronic devices. Whilst most of us will appreciate the convenience of having such items installed within our homes, Electrical Safety First believes that the use of low cost, unbranded products might present the risk of electric shock and/or fire. This is because our initial findings revealed that the extra‑low voltage parts of the USB power supply were not always suitably segregated and/or electrically separated from the low voltage (230 V) parts of the accessory and/or, in the case of 13 A sockets, of the fixed wiring.” Electrician 

Read about their independent test here.

Do not overload them too

Buckinghamshire and Milton Keynes Fire and Rescue Service for their part issued a warning against overloading sockets, as this is one of the leading causes of fire.

Here is one of their safety tips “To avoid the risk of overheating and possibly fire, an extension lead or socket should never have appliances that together use more than 13 amps or 3,000 watts of energy plugged into it.”

Read the rest of the safety guidelines here.

Related Electrical Services

British website Mother and Baby UK meantime recommended some safety gadgets geared towards protecting young children from electrocution via wall sockets, and other electrical appliances in the home.

“Create a safe environment for your toddler by tidying away electrical cords and keeping plugs secure with these must-buy products that will make your home a safe zone”

Read about their recommended safety products here.

So, how do you ensure electric socket safety in your home?

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