Monday, July 20, 2015

The Convenience of using an Electric Wheelchair

Better Mobility

Man in an Electric Wheelchair and White Patent Leather Shoes - Atlantic City Boardwalk, NJ

More options in terms of mobility. Photo Credits

The Electric wheelchair could just be a big relief for those who cannot walk on their own either temporarily or for good.

This is especially true for young children who may be born with a medical condition that keeps them from being mobile. Tech website Gizmodo featured a group of university students who came up with the world’s smallest electric wheelchair that even ordinary families can afford.

“So five undergraduate mechanical engineering students from BYU’s Engineering Capstone program challenged themselves to build the world’s smallest electric wheelchair for the Jensen brothers. And after a year of designing and testing, they perfected a chair made with a PVC pipe frame that weighs just over 20 pounds, but can actually support a child up to 50 pounds. And the price tag, including batteries, wheels, motors, the electronics needed for a joystick controller, and a padded seat, came to just $495. That is probably the most significant accomplishment the students were able to achieve.”

Read the rest of the story here.

Giving a Lift meantime featured this young boy who gave his little sister a lift using his new electric wheel chair.

“Multitasking in our busy world is essential. Reece Delashmit, 11, decided to test out his new powered wheelchair by giving his little sister a test ride down the hall, on the way to deliver some clothes to the laundry room. It’s difficult to decide who’s enjoying the ride more: Reece or his baby sister.”

Electrical Association. Watch the video here.

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An Electric car in fact can carry these electric wheel chairs with ease, and in fact allow them to drive the vehicle without a fuss. Newsbeat featured the vehicle in their website. “The Kenguru allows those restricted to a wheelchair to drive themselves around” Master Electrician

Watch the demonstration video here.

It is amazing how new inventions help those in wheel chairs become more mobile.

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