Saturday, July 11, 2015

Clean Energy Is the Way to Go

More investments on Green Energy Sources

Clean Energy

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Clean energy is a major bi-word as of late, and why not, everyone would like a sustainable source of energy.

Portland for instance is using green energy generated in its pipes. reported that Portland is getting its eco-friendly power source from flushing toilets and pipes.

“Portland residents can now generate green electricity simply by turning on their water taps and flushing their toilets. Fast Company reports that the Oregon city is using a state-of-the art system to capture energy from water flowing through the city’s pipelines. Small turbines installed inside the pipelines are turned by the flowing water, sending energy into a generator and off into the power grid.”

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Green in Africa

The quest for greener source of energy is also happening in Africa, as shared by website Association

“This summer, Akon is gearing up to help bring clean energy to Africa. This is part of his ongoing #AkonLightingAfrica initiative, which was founded two years ago. The group is aiming to help Africa harness their 320 days of sunshine and turn that into usable energy. According to Reuters, this will help nearly 600 million Africans receive clean energy.”

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United States Vice President Joe Biden is meantime encouraging investors to invest on the provisioning of clean energy as shared by media outfit USA Today.Electrician

“Vice President Biden told a group of investors at the White House on Tuesday that clean energy is a moral and national security issue — but also makes economic sense…The vice president addressed the White House Clean Energy Investment Summit, rallying charitable groups and large investors to commit $4 billion toward clean energy technologies.”

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Sustainable energy is indeed the way to go.

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