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How to save on Electric Heating Bill

Cut-up your electric heating costs

Heating Bill

Electric heating can still be cheaper with these tips. (Photo Credits)

For homes who rely on electric home heating it can be quite a challenge to lower electric bills during cold months.

Tip hero, shares a solution on how to reduce power costs with a simple Do-It-Yourself tool. Electrician       

“Want a simple way to make heating your home more efficient and less pricey? Make sure all those gaps where hot air escapes and cold air invades are closed-up! One of the most persistent culprits is the gap beneath a door, and the most popular solution is, of course, a draft stopper. You don’t need to run out to the store for an expensive pre-made one OR for materials to make a DIY one. All you need are some old tights, leftover wrapping paper tubes, and this video from our friends at Rumble.”

Watch the video here.

More ways to save

Retire By 40 meantime shared yet another way to stay warm during the winter.  Electrical Association  

“The kotatsu table, in particular, gets a lot of use in the winter. It’s amazingly comfortable and we spend a ton of time around it. What is a kotatsu table exactly? A kotatsu table is basically a coffee table with two top surfaces, a heating element, and a big blanket to keep the heat in. I’m not sure where I first learned about the kotatsu table. I must have seen it in a Japanese comic or cartoon when I was a kid. The kotatsu table is very common there and every household has one. Most Japanese housing are not insulated well and the kotatsu table is an inexpensive way to stay warm.”

Know how to make one here.

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Yahoo meantime featured a family who has dramatically lowered their heating expenses.

“An ingenious couple living outside Stockholm decided to harness the power of the sun, but they didn’t install solar panels. Instead, Marie Granmar and Charles Sacilotto wrapped their house in a greenhouse to save money on heating and help keep the long Scandinavian winters at bay.”

Read the rest of the article here.

What do you do to lower your home heating expenses?

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