Monday, January 4, 2016

All about windmills

Random stories on windmills

Netherlands-4736 - Nederwaard Windmill

Picturesque and functional. (Photo Credits) 

Windmills are more than just a pretty sight. They help a lot in terms of generating power for a certain area or community and at the same time, it in effect serves as a nice decorative landmark to the community it belongs to. Electrician  

I am Amsterdam shared five different facts about windmills. “Windmills are an Old Holland tourist attraction – a quaint symbol of Dutch tradition – and visiting one (or several!) makes for a lovely day out. Did you know that there were more than 10,000 fully operational windmills in the Netherlands?”

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Turning trash into a windmill

In Malawi, a windmill made from trash has been serving the community quite well as shared by Higher Perspectives. Electrical Association           

“William, who is now 22 years old, eventually managed to pull of making a wind turbine from bike parts, a tractor fan blade, and a shock absorber. He made the blades out of plastic pipes flattened by the heat of a fire. His community’s mirth quickly turned to excitement when he demonstrated that his turbine worked, hooking the turbine up to a car light bulb. When the blades spun in the breeze, the crowd of shocked onlookers saw the bulb flicker to life and went wild. “

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Related Electrical Repair Services meantime put the spotlight on interlocking windmills. “The three dimensional system can be modified to accommodate all sorts of differing shapes and volumes required by users. Assembly is described to be as simple as putting together LEGOs, which makes the units widely accessible for buyers of varying skill levels. And the final display is quite stunning, resembling the synchronized formation of birds overhead.”

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Have you ever wondered about windmills?

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