Thursday, May 14, 2015

What to Do With Old Appliances

How do you Dispose Old Appliances?

Three ways to get rid of outdated appliances

When a homeowner refurnishes his house or decides to buy new appliances, he would have to deal with disposing his old furnishings. But how does one exactly dispose of old appliances safely? Can it just be thrown in the garbage bin ready to be picked up? Lightning Electrician in San Diego

La Jolla Electrician Service. Better Homes and Gardens says there are three ways to get rid of outdated appliances. It could be sold, donated, or recycled. “Before you haul your old refrigerator or deep-freeze to the landfill, consider this: These machines can contain hazardous materials and gases, including mercury, which can damage the environment.” Spring Vallley Electrician service

Mira Mesa Electrician Service. Some companies in fact are offering free pick-up of old appliances complete with a cash rebate not lower than $50 for refrigerators and freezers, and $25 for air conditioners. for example does curbside pick-ups for old refrigerators. “That old appliance in the basement or garage may provide additional storage, but is it worth the added cost to your electric bill? Recycling it can save you up to $150 a year, and we’ll even pay you $50 to use our free recycling service.” My Chula Vista electrician. Read the whole mechanics here.

Master Electrician. Mid-American also offers the same incentives. “Older appliances can use two to three times more electricity than their new energy-efficient models. Every appliances comes with two price tags: the price you pay to purchase it, and the price you pay to operate and maintain it. Customers should ask themselves if they really need a freezer in the basement or an extra refrigerator in the garage.” Read the whole story here.

American Lighting Association. With these developments, homeowners are at a better footing since they stand to benefit from all the options mentioned in disposing of old appliances.

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