Friday, May 29, 2015

A Tribute to the Transistor Radio

This old machine is still our go-to during major calamities

Vintage Emerson 838 Hybrid Pocket Radio (2 Transistors & 3 Subminiature Tubes), Broadcast Band Only (MW), Made In USA, Circa 1955

Old but trusty. (Photo Credits: Joe Haupt, cc: Some Rights Reserved)

It is part of every emergency survival kit, but it does not get used every day. Transistor radios may remind you of your grandfather but this little electric machine, but just like your old man, it is a survivor.  Lightning Electricians in San Diego, CA

Website looked back at the history of transistor radios. “60 years ago the first portable transistor radio went on sale. The Regency TR1 was the first consumer device to use transistors. According to Fortune Magazine, ‘If you owned one, you were the coolest thing on two legs.’ The big radio companies weren’t interested in the transistor.” Lakeside LightningElectrician

Electrical contractor oceanside. Read the rest of the article here.

Website also made a flashback on the transistor. “But on December 16, 1947, three scientists helped develop the transistor, and by 1954 small transistor radios were available for sale. In the same way iPods brought us portable digital music in 2001, transistor radios allowed listeners to hear radio stations (and their news reports) wherever they went.” Electrician in la mesa

The website even posted old TV commercials for transistor radios. electrician in el cajon

Watch the TV Commercials here. also featured transistor radios in one of its posts. Master Electrician. It actually featured a 1955 video of how a transistor radio is being assembled. “While we all listen to the radio and enjoy all the options that modern technology has given us, in regards to how we access a variety of media, it’s so interesting to go back to a different time. In the 1950s transistor radios were all the rage and one of the main ways people had access to spoken and musical culture…in this video from Industry Film Archive, we get a behind the scenes look at how these radios were made and new insight into that period in general.” American Lighting Association

Watch the video here.

Do you still have a transistor radio in your house?

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