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40+ Ways to Update Flat Doors and Bifold Doors

Lots of ways to update flat panel/hollow core, bifold, and outdated doors @Remodelaholic

Ideas + Tutorials to Update Flat and Bifold Doors

If you live in an older home, odds are that you have plenty of 70’s and 80’s style doors — nice and flat. ;) And purchasing inexpensive new doors adds up — because you can’t replace just ONE door! So instead of replacing, how about refacing? We’ve got over 40 ways for you to update flat and bifold doors that are occupying your doorways and closets.

One thing to remember: many of these projects will add bulk and weight to the door, so you may need to adjust the casing and interior trim like Jenna showed in the middle of this post and if the door is heavier, you may also need to upgrade the hinges, like April shows you how to do here. And bifold doors can quickly and easily be turned into French doors — just follow the second half of this tutorial!

Using Trim to Update Doors — Lots of Different Styles!

Using carved molding and/or flat trim to update doors makes for a fairly quick, simple, and inexpensive update to a flat door. And the style is limited only by your imagination!

The classic raised panel style will look wonderful in any home (tutorial from The Painted Drawerhere on Remodelaholic):

Paneled Door DIY by The Painted Drawer featured on @Remodelaholic

While more detailed configurations will match a more modern style (tutorial from Driven by Decor, here on Remodelaholic):

How to Add Moulding to Plain Closet Doors by Driven by Decor featured on Remodelaholic

But you can use any combination, any style… and you can test any of these out by using painter’s tape on the door to make sure it’s balanced and looks like you want! And just a note… some of these are shown unfinished so you can easily see the design. Be sure to click over to each site for the finished look and details on how they did it!

6 panel design on bifold closet doors | Little Green Notebook

6 panel closet doors DIY update - Little Green Notebook

basic 4 panel style | Sunnyside Up-Stairs

basic 4 rectangle panel update on flat door - Sunnyside Upstairs

standard 6-panel layout | Home Made Modern 

flat to traditional raised panel door - Home Made Modern

craftsman style door and trim | Hammer Like A Girl
tutorial is for the trim, but the salvaged door style could be DIYed, too)

craftsman trim paneled door - Hammer Like a Girl

black 3 panel door | via Babble

3 panel door from flat door via Babble

evenly spaced rectangle 4-panel door | For the Love of It 

4 rectangle paneled door DIY update - For the Love of It

board and batten style, on extra tall doors | Vintage Revivals board and batten closet doors - Vintage Revivals

classic full 5-panel doors | Jenna Sue Design — featured here on Remodelaholic 

Make a DIY 5 panel door from a flat door - Jenna Sue Designs on @Remodelaholic

4-panel bifold closet doors | Burlap and Tin 

paneled bifold door - Burlap and Tin


5-panel bifold doors (turned French doors) | Wife in Progress featured here on Remodelaholic how-to-make-bifold-doors-into-french-doors-2-Wife-in-Progress-on-Remodelaholic

And any of these could be changed up by adding a second layer of trim for extra texture — via Our Old Abode

hollow core door makeover - 4 horizontal panels with double layer of trim - Our Old Abode

Ready for more?

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